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About Us

we hope

Who We Are

We are non profit organization who fight for animal welfare. Promoting Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Responsible Pet Ownership since 2015.

We rescue injured, abused, or homeless animal.
We re-home abandoned animal.
We educate & create awareness about love & respecting animal.
We reduce amount of strays by spay & neutering program.

Please do Love, Care & Concern. All living beings deserved to be appreciated.


Making a donation to the Strive for Animals( SAW ) is one of the simplest way to save..Read More


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We always looking for friendly volunteers that love animals and want to do what they..Read More

Become a Volunteer

We can Change everything together

Strive for Animal Welfare Shelter is always looking for friendly volunteers that love animals and want to do what they can to help out.

SAW Team

Talk to our members who are taking part our Strive for Animal Welfare ( SAW ) or JOIN US Now

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